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WWE Title, WWE.com: Measuring the Anaconda Vise vs. the "Yes!" Lock

Pick Your Poison: Vise vs. 'Yes!'

Before CM Punk and Daniel Bryan clash for the WWE Title, WWE.com takes a look at the intricacies of the Anaconda Vise and the "Yes!" Lock, with testimonials from some of their notable victims.
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How to Watch WWE Over the Limit!

Get the lowdown on how to watch WWEcom Over the Limit, live on pay-per-view. The event, airing live at 8 ET/5 PT, will see WWE Champion CM Punk defend against Daniel Bryan, John Cena's clash with GM John Laurinaitis and a Fatal 4-Way Match for the Behind door number one sits CM Punk and his Anaconda Vise, a crushing submission maneuver that clasps itself around a Superstar’s head and constricts it like a jungle snake, compacting his cranium until he screams in pain and taps in humbling defeat.

Behind door number two lies Daniel Bryan and his “Yes!” Lock, a torturous hold that Bryan adapted from the legendary Gene LeBell. This contorting human torture contraption combines the mixed-martial arts omoplata with a crossface that attacks both the neck and shoulder joints with equal precision, leaving Bryan’s victim squirming for salvation from two angles until they tap while Bryan’s obnoxious screams of “YES!” rattle in their ears and reverberate off of the arena’s walls.

They are two of the most ignominious ways a Superstar can face the final bell in a match, and at WWE Over the Limit this Sunday, there’s a very good chance the WWE Title will be decided with one of them. But which hold wins out? As Punk and Bryan prepare for their long-awaited face off for the ultimate prize (HISTORY: CM PUNK VS. DANIEL BRYAN), WWE.com takes a look at each submission hold, its strengths and weaknesses, and a few choice testimonials from the Superstars who’ve been locked in its clutches. Ponder which one you’d prefer while you’re at it, too. As a wise man once said, you must choose. But choose wisely.

World Heavyweight Title.
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Full-Length Match: Jericho Duels With Jeff Hardy

Days ahead of Chris Jericho's World Heavyweight Championship opportunity at WWE Over the Limit, watch the cunning Superstar take on Jeff Hardy in an exciting battle from 2003. The high-adrenaline bout is just one of many instant classics available in their entirety via WWE's Greatest Matches.
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