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Rihanna Stuns In White At 'Battleship' Premiere

Last night's L.A. premiere of Battleship confirmed a two very important things. Tim Riggins
Taylor Kitsch is still hot sans flowing mane (no Sampson-Delilah syndrome here!), and Rihanna can look good, nay, stunning, wearing literally anything. That's not to say that this Adam Selman gown Ri sported on the red carpet is not beautiful in its own right because it is. It's crisp and sexy and deliciously tactile, and if anyone in this world can pull off the simultaneous low-dipping cowl neck, thigh-high slit, and sacrum-grazing open back, it's Rihanna.

With all the skin showing and the loosely draped nature of the dress and even the seemingly towel-dried look to her hair, the ensemble is totally bedroom evocative. It feels almost like Rihanna just woke up, swaddled herself in her bedsheet, slipped on some Manolo Blahniks, a swipe of red lipstick, and bolted out the door. It even kind of reminds us of The Little Mermaid, when Ariel makes a dress out of a sail? But a little more stylized. Regardless, we think that fits 100 percent in line with Rihanna's personal steez. Whether by that we mean ultra badass sex appeal or appearing to have just gotten out of bed, we aren't totally sure, but the girl looks GOOD. End of story.

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